Monday, December 28, 2009

Blessed be these four corners

These are calculated versions of my own personal thought process.... mixed with Celtic cross tarot claims, Buddhism, and African veve cosmology ....add Newton's Laws of gravity and Plato (I'm into Newton, and Plato and Nichiren just as much if not more than I'm in to Jay-Z, T.I., and Fiona Apple and oh yeah..I also love schematics and geometry ... my favorite subject... this is how I figure out everything....I'm self taught remember ... My very own personal equation/road map to figure it out... life, motivations, intentions, everything.... when I'm wrong I'll admit it... I realize this is too much... this has to be the reason my brain is if I'm giving you the blank stare mid convo..this is inner workings of the conversation ... you can gauge the outcome by my love for you... when everything in the water computes so to speak...Ignorance was bliss it was quiet and simple... only time the noise stops is when I'm Chanting, Making Art or Making Love, or having a great conversation about art and valid politics...not Tiger Woods but real social change and real Passion for it...and really there are no divisions...Jay-Z is Newton and T.I is Plato and all of us are Nichiren....and Making Passionate GREAT Love is Making Passionate GREAT Art and that is Social Change cause the world is having a really hard time loving right now.
I prayed for clarity but I think I got clairvoyancy...

(E)AST=FIRE =FUTURE x BRIGHTNESS+MOTION ...Think feet walking on hot coal....
(W)EST=WATER=PAST=An anxious twitch in my stomach... yoga helps....


  1. loved this...i can relate. LOVE is REVOLUTIONARY.

  2. you rock I love your mind and the blank stare... we know you are listening